The new Mercedes GLC is based on a broad impact

KQuick question: which model is currently the best-selling Mercedes-Benz? The GLC. Compact SUVs like the BMW X3 or the Porsche Macan win the hearts of customers and the trend is endless. Plans are already underway in Stuttgart to phase out the usual A and B classes and to design the entry-level model in the guise of an SUV in the future.

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Before that, the GLC can start in the next generation, 2.6 million units sold of the predecessor are a solid foundation. The new does not experiment, it seems familiar yet different. At first glance we found the previous one more agreeable, the second the new one could accumulate more lasting tensions. Let’s see how it looks on the street, Mercedes showed it to us for the first time in the studio. We will report after the first test drive.

So much is known: the younger GLC is 4.72 meters long and therefore a little longer than the previous one, remains unchanged at 1.89 meters wide and is a flatter touch at 1.64 meters. The trunk volume increases to 600 liters. The headlights are flush with the radiator grille. At the rear, the two-part lights are meant to create new accents, and the designers are hoping for a particularly large effect at the front and rear. A thin rim extends laterally, the wheels are flush, 18 to 20 inches are available. Inside, there are clean lines with a relatively large screen, without being hypermodern like in the EQS.

At the rear, the two-piece lights create new accents.

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The engine range is always made up of four-cylinder engines, and those that find their sexiest look at the Bavarian competition. All engine rooms are electrically supported, lightly with a 48 volt electrical system or as a plug-in. Mild hybrids soften the start-stop system, two petrol engines and one diesel are offered in the power range from 197 to 258 hp. According to the standard, plug-ins travel about 100 kilometers electrically and thus become an electric car in everyday life.For long-distance journeys, petrol or diesel engines from 313 to 381 hp system are available.

The optional rear-axle steering, as in the S-Class, is pleasant to maneuver, here with a steering angle of 4.5 degrees. From now on, state-of-the-art equipment will be standard, which should go hand in hand with a higher base rate. Mercedes wants to quantify it later. The market launch is in the third quarter.

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