The manufacturer confirms: Boeing will not deliver the 777-9 until 2025 and is stopping production

The American aircraft manufacturer confirms the upcoming delay in the Boeing 777X. Production of the 777-9 is suspended.

It was already leaked over the weekend that Boeing was due to announce another delay in the 777X. The first delivery will likely take place in the last quarter of 2024, the Air Current portal wrote. Now it is clear: it will be later.

“The team is making good progress in development and testing with the 777-9 program,” the American aircraft manufacturer announced Wednesday (April 27) as part of its quarterly data. “However, delivery of the first 777-9 is now expected in 2025 based on an updated estimate of the time it will take to meet certification requirements.”

Production of the 777-9 is suspended

Boeing will also suspend production of the 777-9 until 2023 to avoid having to stock up too many aircraft and possibly have to overhaul them. Special costs of $ 1.5 billion would have been incurred in the period from the second quarter of 2022 to the resumption of production in 777-9, according to the manufacturer. In return, they want to put more capacity into production of the 777 Freighter towards the end of 2023.

The 777-9 is the larger version of the 777X. The smaller 777-8 will first be available as a cargo version. The 777-9 launch customers are Lufthansa and Emirates.

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