The federal network agency bans Telekom StreamOn and Vodafone Pass

Criticized for years, now licensed by the Federal Network Agency: the zero-rated options Telekom StreamOn e Vodafone Passport. The Federal Network Agency today banned the marketing of the zero rating options “StreamOn” and “Vodafone Pass”. It also ordered the termination of contracts with existing customers. Offers violate net neutrality because they don’t treat traffic the same way.

“We are putting an end to the unequal treatment of data traffic associated with zero evaluation options,” says Klaus Müller, president of the Federal Network Agency. “We expect vendors to now offer higher data volume rates or cheaper mobile flat rate rates. Consumers will benefit from it. “

On 2 September 2021, the European Court of Justice ruled that Deutsche Telekom’s zero rating options “Stream On” and “Vodafone Pass” are incompatible with the principle of equal treatment of data traffic. In the case of zero-rated options, data traffic is treated unequally as certain services and applications, unlike all other services and applications, are not counted in the included data volume, i.e. they can be used indefinitely.

According to the ordinance of the Federal Network Agency, the remarketing of “StreamOn” and “Vodafone Pass” must be stopped by 1 July 2022. The two zero-valued options should therefore no longer be bookable through any sales channel. Vendors have until the end of March 2023 to discontinue zero valuation options for existing customers. This implementation period is necessary in view of the large number of existing customers, also to allow for a consumer-friendly transition to other tariffs.

Let’s now see how Vodafone and Telekom discuss and act towards the customer. Because the customer will definitely want compensation.

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