The Edeka market reintroduces the obligation to wear masks – for a limited period of time – panorama

– Masks are no longer mandatory in supermarkets in Germany, unless the retailer insists. An Edeka branch has now reintroduced the mask requirement on its own, for one hour a day.

Wearing a mask when shopping at the supermarket has been voluntary in Germany since the beginning of April. There is no longer a statutory mask requirement there. However, retailers can insist that their customers wear a mask and anchor it to the house rules. An Edeka branch now uses it, at least in part.

In the Edeka Endt shop in Mönchengladbach, the mask requirement applies for one hour a day, reports the General of Thuringia. As a result, the market wants to accommodate risk groups and make the shopping experience safer. Customers who do not belong to a vulnerable group can also shop at this time as long as they comply with the mask requirement.

From 3 April it is no longer necessary to wear a mask even in Bavaria. To date, the Free State has anchored some crown measures as basic protection in the Infection Protection Measures Ordinance, but the requirement to wear a mask is only included in vulnerable facilities and local public transport.

The Infection Protection Ordinance will be extended again for four weeks on Sunday. Here you can find out which measures are still applicable:

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