The cruise ship “Global Dream 2” is scrapped before the first voyage

From record contender to scrapping! She was supposed to be the new largest cruise ship in the world, now she is scrapped without having made a single trip. TRAVELBOOK knows the details.

dreamed! There is certainly no future at sea for the second new construction of the global class of MV insolvent shipyards. The gigantic designed cruise ship is unofficially named “Global Dream 2”: she was – like her sister ship “Global Dream” – commissioned by Dream Cruises and was intended exclusively for the Asian market. But Dream Cruises has filed bankruptcy as a subsidiary of insolvent shipyard owner MV Genting Hong Kong. Now the MV bankruptcy trustees want to sell most of the semi-finished “Global Dream 2” as scrap.

The “global dream” – cruise ships

The unofficial name “Global Dream 2” and its sister ship “Global Dream” would have offered space for 9,500 passengers on 20 decks. This put them on a record-breaking route and when completed they would be the largest cruise ships in the world by passenger capacity.

At 208,000 tons and 324 meters in length, the ships would rank right behind Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class giants. For comparison: Royal Caribbean’s “Wonder of the Seas”, currently the largest cruise ship in the world, is 362 meters long, 66 meters wide and weighs 230,000 tons.

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Incidentally, the two “Dream Ships” should have had the largest cinemas and the longest roller coasters on the high seas. So far, Carnival Cruise Line’s Mardi Gras, powered entirely by liquefied natural gas (LNG), is the only cruise ship with an upper deck roller coaster.

Still hope for the “global dream”

While the “Global Dream” is said to be nearly 80% complete, the “Global Dream 2”, which was laid on the keel in the MV Werften dock in December 2019, only ended up in the lower hull area, according to the naval travel portal “anBoard”. However, the machines and many systems would already be in place.

As announced by bankruptcy administrator Christoph Morgen at a press conference, attempts are being made to sell some of the systems and engines. According to Morgen, the semi-finished hull will be sold at scrap prices.

The “Global Dream”, on the other hand, would float on the dock in Wismar. However, all plans for the completion of the Wismar site would have been shattered. After Swedish shipping company Stena AB launched itself as a buyer at the last minute, according to “”, they are now looking for a buyer. The “Global Dream” would be ready to the point that it could be taken anywhere in the world with the help of a deep sea tug. At least if the buyer pays the amount that also covers the guarantees of the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

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Demolished by the Domino bankruptcy

The shipping company Dream Cruises, like the also insolvent shipping companies Star Cruises and Crystal Cruises, belonged to the parent company Genting Hong Kong. Genting Group, based in Malaysia, filed for bankruptcy on January 19. The group also included MV shipyards in Germany: they had already declared bankruptcy on 10 January, Dream Cruises gave up at the end of January.

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