The best butter in the test: the test winners according to Stiftung Warentest

Butter is used in cooking for baking, roasting or as a spread. And anyone who has tried different brands of butter knows that butter not only costs different amounts, it can also taste completely different. Stiftung Warentest then took a closer look at 30 butter products. Slightly acidified butter (15 products), sweet cream butter (13 products) and sour cream butter (2 products) were tested.

Branded products such as Kerrygold, Weihenstephan and Landliebe were tested as well as private label and discount products such as “Aldi Süd Milfina Slightly Acidified German Brand Butter”, “Rewe yes! Slightly Acidified German Brand Butter” and “Netto Marken- Discount Gutes German Land branded butter slightly acidified “.”.

The Stiftung Warentest has divided the butter test into categories such as “sensory judgment”, “harmful substances”, “packaging”, “spreadability”, as well as “declaration” and “microbiological quality”. Overall, every second of butter was convincing in the test. 1st place in the Stiftung Warentest test are shared by two products:

  • Slightly acidified German brand Edeka Good & Cheap butter
  • Sachsen Latte Our butter Slightly acidified German brand butter

Both types of butter received an overall rating of 1.8 and are particularly impressive in the areas of “microbiological quality” and “spreadability”.

With a degree of 1.9, the two types of butter “Aldi Süd Milfina German brand butter slightly acidified” and “Frau Antje Beste Butter slightly acidified butter” landed just behind.

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