The association wants to ban the operation of the German Tesla factory>

Until the second week of May, the several-hundred-page decision to approve Tesla’s German Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin is currently available on the website and on the Internet. At the end of the interpretation, opponents have one month to object to the permit, which they are likely to do. However, a Brandenburg association doesn’t wait long: after there was an outage at Tesla’s factory in mid-April, it wants its operation to be banned.

The Tesla operation is said to endanger the water

According to various reports, this was reported by the dpa news agency on Tuesday. As a result, the Green League submitted to the competent district an application for a “ban on the operating permit” for the German gigafactory. The background for this is a mid-April incident in which, according to the state government, a few liters of liquid from the Tesla paint shop spilled onto the street in front of the main building. According to the environmental association, the images of this show that the area between the factory and the factory road is not sealed, as required by the permit.

“In order to avoid greater damage, the district is requested to prohibit the operation of the system until this defect has been remedied and a condition corresponding to the immission control permit has been established,” writes the Green League. according to an RBB report. Apparently, Tesla is expected to stop production at its Grünheide factory, which began only at the end of March. Otherwise, in the event of a fire, for example, contaminated fire extinguishing water could drain from the hall roof onto unsealed surfaces and from there into the ground.

Next attempt for the Gigafactory stop

As it became known with a delay of about a week, about 15,000 liters of paint liquid spilled on April 11 during the filling of a tank inside the Tesla plant and was collected in a specially prepared tank. According to the state government, two to three liters of this ended up on the street after a disposal company pumped it out (see photo above) when the pipes were rolled up. This was not an incident to report, but an operational disruption. For the Green League, however, it was apparently reason enough to initiate another attempt to stop Tesla.

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