That’s why Neuer hesitates to extend his contract with FC Bayern!

Following the successful extension of Thomas Müller’s contract, the managers also want to extend the contract with FCB captain Manuel Neuer in the near future. According to current media reports, however, the 36-year-old is reluctant to sign. Now it is understood why the goalkeeper is still taking his time.

With the expansion of Sven Ulreich, the Bayern managers have closed the first construction site in the door. The 33-year-old yesterday extended his contract until 2023 in Monaco. The next step is to follow up with Manuel Neuer.

As the “BILD” reports, the Ulreich enlargement is an indication that things could go very quickly for Neuer bin as well. Reason: Neuer and Ulreich have a great relationship and value each other.

The newspaper also learned that the club and the players have already reached a “fundamental agreement”. However, the final details in terms of salary and duration are yet to be clarified. Bayern would reportedly want to offer a new contract until 2024. It is unclear whether this is associated with a salary increase, as was the case recently with Thomas Müller.

Neuer is waiting for the team planning

It is interesting: according to information “BILD”, Neuer also attaches great importance to the fact that Monaco will continue to have a competitive team in the fight for the Champions League.

At the moment there are still many question marks about Bayern’s squad. In addition to the open contract extensions of Robert Lewandowski and Serge Gnabry, the FCB has not yet presented any new summer signings for next season.

But it is also clear: Neuer has no intention of changing. Born in Gelsenkirchen, he has been with FC Bayern for nearly eleven years and says he feels very comfortable in Munich. According to consistent media reports, he can very well imagine ending his career with record-breaking champions.

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