Test: with electric car and caravan on vacation

ADAC conducted a test drive to examine the performance of an electric car in the mid-range price segment in combination with a caravan. In this class, more and more models are coming onto the market capable of towing trailer loads of 1500 to 1600 kilograms. The route covered 1,281 kilometers in three days across the Brenner Pass and across the Dolomites to the Adriatic Sea and across Slovenia via the Tauern motorway.

“Electric cars are very suitable as towing vehicles,” was the conclusion of the automobile club. The test vehicle, a Kia EV6 with all-wheel drive and 239 kW / 325 hp, impressed with the best driving characteristics on the tour in four countries and brought the fully loaded family caravan to its destination effortlessly and without engine vibration and jerks of the gearbox.

The E-Kia’s electricity consumption has increased from the usual 20 kWh per 100 kilometers to an average of 36.6 kWh due to towing the caravan. The maximum range has been reduced from 400 to around 220 kilometers, which means around two to three hours of driving. “So that’s still enough, because after this period we still recommend taking a break, which could then be combined with charging at a fast-charging station,” according to the testers. In 20 minutes, the test car’s battery could be recharged from 10 to 80 percent via a quick charge.

The testers determined that there was a “significant need for action” in terms of availability and reliability when charging. On the first day, charging in Nassereith (Tyrol) and San Candido (South Tyrol) went smoothly and only two charging stops were needed towards the Adriatic Sea. Over the next two days, however, there were significant deficiencies in functionality and authentication. “There was once no roaming agreement with Germany for the top-up card and the direct payment failed. Entire charging parks have failed completely twice. It was only possible to avoid a breakdown,” the testers report.

Another drawback when charging is that the caravan usually had to be unhooked and parked somewhere else. More drive-through charging stations are required.

ADAC recommends that travelers with electric cars always check online which fast charging stations are available and are working on the route. In the event of an emergency, you should plan for sufficient residual range to be able to reach an alternative station. It also makes sense to have top-up cards from different providers with you.

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