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Shortly before CEO Elon Musk surprisingly announced Tesla job cuts in early June, he had – no less unexpectedly – ordered via internal email that every employee had to be on the job at least 40 hours a week. . Teleworking should only be possible for exceptional employees, he wrote, and soon thereafter the announcement of fewer Tesla jobs followed. The callback in the office was not well received, either internally or externally, but is obviously followed up. According to reports, however, it shows that Tesla is by no means prepared for so many employees in attendance, but Musk’s adherence to specifications should still be monitored.

Tesla wants an explanation for the absence

The Information publication first reported on Monday the confusion Musk’s recall to the office is said to have caused Tesla. According to the report, there was a lack of parking spaces and desks for returnees at the Fremont site, and WLAN coverage was said to have been insufficient for the increase in user numbers. The lack of space was so pronounced that, contrary to Musk’s instructions, supervisors asked some team members to work remotely a few days a week.

But that could create new problems, according to a Business Insider report. Wednesday, the publication spotted a post on Blind’s website, allowing employees to talk about their employers, Tesla’s new attendance checks. The RFkM76 member asked if anyone else had received this email and posted a photo of an “automated notification” according to the text: In the last 30 days it was not determined that the recipient had used their access card for at least 16 days entered the Tesla building.

All employees should work full-time in the office again, recalls the Mail. The reasons for the indeterminate presence could be many: illnesses, holidays and business trips are listed, but no technical problems. In any case, the recipient is asked to justify his absence by e-mail to his manager and to send a copy to the address assistenza@tesla.com.

The number of jobs will decrease by at least 3,000

According to the report, neither RFkM76 nor other blind users who had commented on his post responded to Business Insider’s inquiries. Initially, there were no further reports of automatic alert emails from Tesla. However, you can only sign up for the service with a company’s official email address and a test email from teslamag.de to essence@tesla.com at least has not been returned as undeliverable. So despite the infrastructure overload in Fremont, Tesla appears to understand exactly how Musk’s instructions are followed to be present. The checks could also help solve the resulting space problems if they lead to more layoffs. Overall, according to information from last week, Musk wants to reduce the number of employees at Tesla by 3-3.5%, or at least 3,000 people.

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