Tesla opens compressors for all car brands: pilot project for charging stations

For a long time, Tesla’s compressors were reserved for drivers of their own brand. The automaker has now released some of its charging stations in Germany for third-party brands and is looking into whether more needs to be added.

Growth of charging networks in Germany and other countries: Electric car drivers of all brands can now also use some Tesla compressors. This means that stations in France, the Netherlands, Norway, Great Britain, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, and Switzerland are available across Europe, as Tesla tweeted:

16 stations throughout Germany open to all

In order to be able to charge an electric car there, the Tesla app is required, with which the respective charging station is activated. Payment is made by credit card. 16 stations with a total of 314 charging stations (i.e. around 20 per station) are approved for non-Tesla drivers in this country, most of which are concentrated in Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia. The price is not exactly cheap: 70 cents per kilowatt hour, with an additional subscription of 12.99 euros it drops to 55 cents.

Die Supercharger von Tesla
Since 2012, Tesla has built more than 35,000 fast charging stations for its cars around the world. Drivers can quickly recharge their batteries along major highways, so that even longer journeys with short charging stops are possible.

Until 2017, the top-up was even free; Model S and X owners who ordered their car before January 2017 can still get free electricity. Current compressors have a power of up to 150 kW and in California there are also versions up to 250 kW. This means that the compact Model 3 can refuel in five minutes for a 120-kilometer trip.

Tesla drivers may not necessarily welcome this innovation – after all, the opening also means that many more electric car drivers drive the compressors, which in turn could lead to longer waiting times.

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