Tesla on autopilot crashes into a private jet: the network laughs

It is often said that self-driving cars are the future. A curious incident with no injuries now shows that technology has its pitfalls.

In theory it sounds like an innovative feature – in practice, however, it doesn’t always turn out to be entirely suitable: in the American capital Washington DC, a driverless Tesla crashed into a private plane parked on autopilot.

The background of the incident, documented in video and distributed on the Reddit platform, appears to be the special feature of Tesla Smart Summon. This allows car owners to recall their car via the Tesla app on their smartphone.

According to Tesla, Smart Summon is actually intended for short distances, for example to summon the car in a parking lot. According to the manufacturer, the feature is still in beta, so it’s not fully developed yet.

Jet reportedly costs $ 3.5 million

Anyone who watches the aforementioned video must also have this impression. Calm and undaunted, the car drove through the driverless airfield until it finally crashed into the rear of the jet at reduced speed and pushed it a little further. Apparently its owner had wanted to summon it from a much greater distance, but hadn’t considered the obstacles in the way.

According to the user who uploaded the video, the mini-crash occurred during a Cirrus aircraft show. The small private jet costs around $ 3.5 million. It is not possible to determine the extent of the damage to the plane and the car. Apparently no one was injured.

Numerous Reddit users have expressed mischief for the scene below the video. The question of whether insurance could cover the damage was also discussed. Which – so far – has not been overwhelmed by a comment, as usually happens: Tesla boss Elon Musk.

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