Tesla: Not all requirements are met in Grünheide

Tesla has not yet met all the requirements for approval at the new Grünheide plant. According to the Brandenburg state government, this is allowed. “As the plant will be put into operation in several stages, the requirements for the parts of the plant to be put into operation have subsequently been met,” the environment ministry told dpa. “All the requirements that serve to ensure the operation of the plant without direct danger to the public and the environment are met”. These mainly included safety-related expert checks and requirements for accident protection.

Tesla has met 16 of the 18 requirements for immission control and hazardous waste monitoring to date. The two open conditions are exceptional documents, said ministry spokeswoman Frauke Zelt. “The tests are not a formality, they concern the safety of the plant and the prevention of environmental damage”, criticized the left parliamentarian Thomas Domres, who had asked a small question about it.

The Brandenburg Green League demands that the operating permit be banned from the Oder-Spree district due to ambiguity after a water-polluting liquid spill. The environmentalists wrote in a letter that the images show that an area of ​​the disservice was unpaved and unsealed, as foreseen in the permit application documents. “In order to avoid greater damage, the district is requested to ban the operation of the plant until this defect has been remedied and a condition corresponding to the immission control permit has been established.”

According to authorities, in April, 15,000 liters of a paint mix leaked from the paint department and was pumped out by a disposal company. While loading, two or three liters later ran up the driveway and were tied up. The liquid is considered slightly dangerous to water. According to the district, it did not enter the sewer system or groundwater. The State Environment Agency classifies the accident as an operational disruption. The Strausberg-Erkner Water Association, which supplies Tesla, considers the exit an accident.

The Green League sees the unsealed area as a risk for the entry of hazardous substances into the aquifer. In the event of a fire, contaminated fire extinguishing water could drain from the shed roof into the unsealed area and from there into the ground. The state of Brandenburg sees no danger to groundwater due to requirements for the American electric car maker’s new factory, as can be seen from the state environmental agency’s approval notice.


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