Tesla German prices for Model 3 and Model Y are on the rise>

On Wednesday, Tesla continued to raise the prices of its electric cars in the US and it only took a day for the latest hike to reach Germany and, presumably, Europe as well. readers pointed this out on Friday, and it was possible to figure it out in the configurator. German prices for the Model 3 in two out of three versions have now risen again since the last hike in early April. And for the Model Y Performance produced in the Grünheide Gigafactory near Berlin, Tesla raised the price for the first time.

Tesla prices up to 2500 euros more

In the last round of price the basic version of the Model 3 was left out. Tesla had long since refrained from increases here in Germany, probably because the amount of the environmental bonus even for better equipment depends on the base price. At the beginning of April, however, it suddenly jumped by 7,000 euros to 49,990 euros according to the Tesla configurator, in which the manufacturer’s share of the purchase premium has already been deducted. This means that the limit of € 40,000 net of the list has been exceeded, so much so that the German buyers of the Model 3 could only obtain an environmental bonus of € 5,000 from the state instead of the previous € 6,000.

The € 49,990 for the small Model 3 has remained for the time being, but the price for the higher variants has risen. According to the configurator, the Long Range (LR) version now costs from 59,490 euros, another 2,500 euros more than two increases in rapid succession this March for a total of 5,000 euros. The new price for the Model 3 Performance is 63,490 euros in the German Tesla configurator. This is another 1,500 euros more after the price had already increased by a total of 6,000 euros in March.

After falling for most of 2021, Tesla prices in Europe reversed direction in October (as early as March in the US). However, they remained unchanged with the Model Y, which could only be ordered in Europe in July. At the time, the German price for the Long Range variant was EUR 56,990. This is still the case today. But with the performance version, which is produced in the Gigafactory in Grünheide, the price has now also risen: instead of 63,990 euros, Tesla wants at least 65,490 euros for the Model Y Performance, or 1500 euros more than before (see photo above) .

Model Y Performance is no longer supported

After all, delivery times for the crossover SUV are still moderate: both the German and Chinese Model Y are still available this year, depending on the colors and extras according to the configurator. This can also affect the actual price, because the current German environmental bonus regulation expires in 2022. The details are still open, but according to the drafts the state bonus is expected to drop to a maximum of 4,000 euros. In addition, the subsidy limit of € 65,000 will apply as a gross value and inclusive of special equipment from 2023, which would currently mean that Tesla Model Y Performance is no longer eligible for the German electric car subsidy.

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