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According to reports, the Gigafactory in China has now reached its full capacity again after the full closure of the Crown by mid-April and then restrictions until June, and for the German Tesla it recently reported that it produced 1000 Model Y in a week for the first time. In early July, however, both should take a break, not because there are problems again, but to significantly increase production. discovered the plan for Germany in mid-May. It was learned Wednesday that Tesla intends to stop production in China as well at the beginning of the new quarter, although there are contradictory claims on the duration.

Tesla China is rebuilding itself for growth

Before the new coronavirus lockdown in Shanghai, the Tesla factory had produced more than 70,000 electric cars in a few months, or 2,300 units per day. This is well above the specified minimum capacity of 450,000 Model 3 and Model Y per year, but it shouldn’t be all by far. According to reports from the beginning of May, a further increase to as many as 1 million cars per year is expected in existing buildings and new ones will be built next door, which will produce nearly half a million Tesla per year.

At the beginning of July, the capacity of the former Chinese factory appears to be increasing. According to local observers on Twitter, this emerges from a memo Tesla sent to the workforce. According to a Google translation, the Chinese Gigafactory is said to be closed from April 1-4. it will be completely closed in July. During this period, the production should be modernized and transformed, the reason given. Shift workers should take a break and work externally if necessary, Tesla wrote the same to the management and technical staff.

Reuters news agency also reported Wednesday, citing an internal memo, that Tesla would close its factory in China again in early July. However, he claims he suffered a two-week hiatus instead of four days. Otherwise, the information is essentially the same and it was initially unclear how the discrepancy in time specifications occurred.

According to the Reuters report, China’s Gigafactory has produced 17,000 Model 3s and Model Ys per week since the middle of the month, about as much as in the months leading up to the close of the crown since late March. After the July conversion, this number is expected to increase to 22,000 electric cars per week by the end of the month, including 8,000 Model 3s and 14,000 Model Ys. This would significantly exceed the one million per year forecast for the existing factory. The enlargement works, initially planned for this spring, are also likely to start around the same time.

Conversion also into German Gigafactory

Tesla production in China is likely to decline again in early July, and then increase. And on a smaller scale, this also applies to the German Gigafactory. According to reliable information received by in May, an outage of operations here is also expected in early July, according to the information for two weeks. During this time, processes need to be modified such that new Model Y’s only have to spend 30 seconds at each factory station instead of 3 minutes in mid-May. Additionally, Tesla may begin manufacturing units in the annexe, which have so far been supplied by China.

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