Tesla boss reports factory records in Germany and the United States>

Internal emails from Tesla CEO Elon Musk are currently popular in a double package. In late May he wrote twice about teleworking and in early June about reducing office jobs at Tesla. And two recent emails from Musk surfaced again this past weekend. In the first, he is said to have reported on new Tesla manufacturing records in Germany and the United States. And in the second, Musk wrote that he has more respect and admiration for his employees than for very wealthy financiers.

1000 Model Y per week in Germany

Since the official start of production at the new Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin, Tesla has not provided any information on acceleration there. In mid-May, however, it was discovered that 86 Model Y Performances were being created there per day, or as many as 400 per week with the current five working days. A second shift was started a little later, and this seems to have helped: More recently, nearly 1,000 cars were produced at the German Tesla factory in a week, Musk wrote to all employees on Sunday, according to an Electrek report. and other sources.

According to Electrek, the CEO put this success story in the context that Tesla is having a very difficult quarter due to the supply chain and manufacturing problems in China. There, the local gigafactory initially had to close at the end of March due to the new crown blocks and was therefore only able to produce to a limited extent until the end of May. So Tesla is expected to be short of around 60,000 electric cars produced this quarter.

But not only the German factory is helping to narrow the gap compared to the previous quarter. The main Fremont plant set a new all-time production record last week, Musk is said to have written. The Tesla boss did not provide a specific number. According to official data from the latest quarterly report, the capacity of the first US factory is 100,000 Model S and Model X and 500,000 Model 3 and Model Y per year.

Musk: “Working at Tesla is pure goodness”

According to reports and Twitter users, the CEO has now written of the other two factories that the one in China is returning to full capacity and the one in Texas is starting. So there doesn’t seem to be much success in bringing the latter back to the United States. Last week, two months after the launch celebration, the first external customer confirmed they had received a Model Y from Gigafactory in Texas.

“Forward to victory!” Musk reportedly finished his first email and a second one apparently followed. Tesla is said to be making real products that would be loved and improved customers’ lives. This is honest work and also “pure goodness”, regardless of what else is going on in the broken world. For this he has “infinitely more respect and admiration for the recipients than for the richest person on Wall Street,” wrote the Tesla boss, who still has the highest fortune in the world.

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