Temporary help until Boeing 777X: Lufthansa calculates A380 scenarios and looks at Boeing 777

The airline recently announced for the first time that there was still a possibility of the Airbus A380 returning. At the same time, Lufthansa is talking to Boeing about the 777-300 ER.

Lufthansa will return six superjumbos to Airbus this fall. This is what the German airline agreed with the aircraft manufacturer before the pandemic. He keeps eight copies – and never actually wanted to use them again. But last month, CEO Carsten Spohr suddenly declared that there was still a small chance for the return of the Airbus A380.

This opportunity was given to the XL aircraft by the competitor of Airbus Boeing. Due to the delay in delivery of the 777X, Lufthansa will lack particularly large aircraft in summer 2024 and summer 2025. If the demand is therefore very high, in addition to the use of the Airbus A340-300 and A340-600, it should be taken also consider the use of the remaining Airbus A380s, says Spohr.

Triple Seven already known in the group

Apparently, the possibilities have already been calculated in Frankfurt. Look at a 3 + 1 and 6 + 2 variant. Three or six Airbus A380s will fly with Lufthansa again, and one or two would serve as backup aircraft, reports the Aero portal.

Spohr already explained in May that they were also talking to Boeing “about additional aircraft of a different design”. According to the report, Lufthansa has four to six Boeing 777-300 ERs in its sights. These are the so-called white queues, i.e. the planes that have already been built that the customer no longer wants, are available quickly. With Swiss there is already a model operator in the Group, Lufthansa Cargo uses the freight version of the Triple Seven and Austrian Airlines uses the Boeing 777-200.

Lufthansa takes advantage of the opportunities

Lufthansa has recently increasingly exploited these opportunities. The airline chartered four Airbus A350s from Phillippine Airlines. At the same time, he got Dreamliner White Tails, which were once intended for Vistara. The first of the Boeing 787-9s will be D-ABPA registered and will be delivered shortly.

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