Relapse Events Often Long Before MS Diagnosis | City of health Berlin

Monday 4th July 2022 – Author: ham Before multiple sclerosis is diagnosed, those affected often have unrecognized flare-ups. Scientists from Munich have come to this conclusion in a new study. The team then questions the theory of the so-called prodromal phase. Sensory disturbances, numbness or visual disturbances are the first indications of multiple sclerosis. But … Read more

Aneurysm: Simple thumb test can detect risk

Updated: 04.07.2022 – 15:46 It should become standard The simple thumb test can detect the risk of an aneurysm Photo: Getty Images / sakchai vongsasiripat With a simple thumb test, you can identify the risk of a possible aneurysm. A simple thumb test can indicate an aortic aneurysm. Scientists hope the test will become a … Read more

Frequent mosquito bites? Found another factor that attracts mosquitoes

Updated: 01.07.2022 – 14:11 Female mosquitoes react Frequent mosquito bites? Found another factor that attracts mosquitoes Photo: Getty Images / ProfessionalStudioImages Some people are immediately invaded by mosquitoes, while others are rarely bitten. Another factor has now been identified that makes humans particularly attractive to mosquitoes. Do you also get abused by mosquitoes as soon … Read more

Stroke: 4 risk factors often remain unrecognized

Updated: 06/30/2022 – 13:22 Two thirds of all cases Researchers identify 4 unrecognized risk factors for stroke Photo: Getty Images / Justlight Severe headaches are one of the main symptoms of stroke. According to a current study, important risk factors are often not recognized in advance. Two-thirds of all strokes are not diagnosed early. This … Read more

China is starting to catch up with green hydrogen

shanghai Employees test fuel cell batteries in a laboratory. (Photo: Bloomberg) Beijing For the Chinese government, green hydrogen is a future technology with which it wants to play a global pioneering role. Technologically leading German manufacturers such as Siemens and Thyssen-Krupp “are threatened in the medium term by fierce competition similar to that of the … Read more

Businesses grapple with DevOps and still can’t implement it

Software development and business rarely go hand in hand: according to a recent LeanIX study, DevOps and agile ways of working are common in less than half of companies. Flexible complaint The survey looked at five key working methods that apply to teams completely, partially, or not at all. 58% always want to be able … Read more