ADHD drugs also for Alzheimer’s treatment?

In a total of ten studies involving 1,300 people, those who had used so-called noradrenergic drugs performed slightly but significantly better on Alzheimer’s tests. Results from eight studies with 425 patients also showed that apathy was significantly less common when taking these drugs. The study authors, who published their findings in the Journal of Neurology … Read more

Study: Alzheimer’s symptoms were discovered more frequently after Corona

Status: 05:39 | Reading time: 2 minutes An employee of a downtown pharmacy holds a quick corona test in his hand. Source: Peter Kneffel / dpa The risk of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s increases in the year following a coronary infection. However, the researchers point out that Covid only brings to light the symptoms of … Read more

Poor Short-Term Memory May Be A Warning Sign Of Dementia Later | City of health Berlin

Sunday 3 July 2022 – Author: ham What does it mean when short-term memory starts to decline in your early 1950s? Scientists don’t have good news about it. According to the latest research, problems with short-term memory at this age may indicate later dementia. A decline in short-term memory in old age is considered a … Read more

Don’t be afraid of Alzheimer’s after COVID-19 | Knowledge and environment | DW

A study from Denmark caused a stir in the media. “Several most common nervous disorders: according to a study, COVID-19 increases the risk of Alzheimer’s”, headlines the German television station ntv. German Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach also tweeted about the study’s findings “Unfortunately, don’t panic.” All of this isn’t entirely wrong, but a look … Read more