Suzuki Fraud and Air Pollution: Raid on Three Car Manufacturers | Regional

Stellantis and Marelli are also suspected

Bensheim / Heidelberg – These are unauthorized manipulation devices on Suzuki diesel vehicles: raid against three car manufacturers in Bensheim (Hesse), Heidelberg (Baden-Württemberg), Corbetta (Italy) and Esztergom (Hungary)!

The public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt, as the main prosecutor for economic criminal matters, is investigating on suspicion of fraud and air pollution or aiding and abetting. In the foreground: the heads of the Suzuki Group, the Stellantis Group and the Marelli Group.

The case: Suzuki is said to have placed more than 22,000 SX-4 S-Cross, Swift and Vitara vehicles with DDiS EURO 6 1.3l, 1.6l and 2.0l engines on the market by 2018, although vehicles with defeat devices not allowed should have been provided.

Chief Prosecutor Nadja Niesen: “These devices mean that exhaust gas cleaning mechanisms are massively reduced or deactivated in numerous everyday situations, so that vehicles should emit much more nitrogen oxides during actual operation than allowed. . It should not have been communicated to customers that the vehicles allegedly do not meet the requirements for EURO 6 homologation. “

Shock price at the gas station Petrol and diesel are becoming more and more expensive

Price shock at the station: petrol and diesel are becoming more and more expensive

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Niesen continues: “Customers are said to have bought the vehicles with the impression of deception, which may have caused them damage. The engines would have been supplied by the then FCA group. Some of the engine control software is said to come from the Marelli supplier. “

On Wednesday, investigators from the Hessian police, the Frankfurt prosecutor’s office and the Italian and Hungarian authorities searched business premises to secure evidence (communication data, software and planning documents).

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