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SUVs are up again in May and are bucking the trend. While the overall market is in decline, German manufacturers in particular are celebrating an increasing number of registrations.

After the April crisis, SUVs are back on the road to success. While the number of registrations in the market as a whole fell by 10.2 percent, there was a seven percent increase in the case of SUVs. Off-road vehicles thus challenge the German car market, which continues to be shaken by the crisis.

SUV registrations May 2022

With a total of 80,225 SUVs and SUVs registered for the first time in May, they hold a market share of 39% of a total of 207,199 newly registered passenger cars. Incidentally, the growth is also due to the increasingly popular electric SUV, which we will take a look at separately below.

The run of German manufacturers from Audi to VW in May was particularly good, with practically all volume models in some cases recording significant increases in the list compared to the same month of 2021. The exception to this is also a VW. The former VW Tiguan permanent champion is currently only a shadow of herself, losing 43% year-over-year. Since the T-Roc and T-Cross models, which are neat under the Tiguan, perform well with seats 1 and 3, the overall picture for the brand is more lenient.

Ford Kuga with an excellent second place

In second place, with decent growth of 44 percent, the Ford Kuga pushed itself among the Wolfsburg-based company. However, the Volkswagen Group dominates the events, with two Audis and the Cupra Formentor, a total of six of the ten best-selling SUVs in Germany come from the Group.

Table: the first 20 new SUV registrations in May 2022

Top 20 SUV registrations in May 2022

model series Number 22/05 change against
May 2021 in%
22 / 01-22 / 05
SKODA KODIAQ 1.382 -23.7 7,379
MERCEDES GLB 1.412 55.8 4,916
VOLVO XC60 1.418 6.9 5,062
OPEL CROSSLAND X 1,740 59.5 7,559
OPEL MOKKA 1,761 -22.1 11.007
KIA SPORTAGE 1,838 176.4 6,649
VW TAIGO 1,843 X 6,260
VW ID.4, ID.5 1,849 44.8 5,618
BMW X1 1,873 -9.6 10,010
SKODA KAROQ 1,938 16.5 8,961
MERCEDES GLK, GLC 1,955 19.2 13.186
HYUNDAI KONA 2.027 8.9 10,456
AUDI Q5 2,169 96.5 8,276
AUDI Q3 2,499 1.0 9.934
BMW X3 2,548 31.4 9.867
FORMENTOR SEAT 2,562 69.9 13,675
VW TIGUAN 2,800 -42.7 20,385
VW T-CROSS 3.309 22.8 13,359
FORD KUGA 3,484 44.1 11,159
VW T-ROC 5,273 -0.3 20,380

At this point, a look at the Stromer in SUV guise is now a must. Many of them, such as the Opel Mokka or the Mercedes EQC, hide in their respective series with the various drives, but there are also more and more SUVs that are only available as electric cars. In April, the VW ID.4 was the electric-powered SUV: 1,849 ID.4 and the coupe variant ID.5 were delivered by VW in May. In second place the Dacia Spring with 1,326 new registrations, in third place the Hyundai Kona (1,323 e-new registrations).


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Note: The registration statistics are official data from the Flensburg Federal Motor Transport Authority. The division into the respective classes is based on a key number via the manufacturer. The statistics may also include models that are not available on the German market or no longer built. This particularity can occur in the KBA statistics if, for example, foreign vehicles are registered for the first time in Germany or if the vehicles have a new ID number. to receive.


The SUV segment is regaining its old strength and is able to grow against the trend in May. The Volkswagen Group is particularly successful and can place six models in the top 10. As a party crasher, however, the Ford Kuga is in second place with strong growth.

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