Supermarket branch takes a radical step due to oil shortages: “there are limits”

Currently, the shelves of oil in supermarkets seem rather empty.

Currently, the shelves of oil in supermarkets seem rather empty.Bild: rtn – radio tele nord / rtn, frank bründel

Due to the rise in prices caused by the war in Ukraine, some people find themselves in front of empty supermarket shelves. Particularly affected are the pasta, the flour, but also kitchen oil. For commercially available sunflower or canola oil, which normally costs less than a euro, some supermarkets charge up to € 4.99 per bottle.

There are many different reactions to rising food prices in Germany: panicked shopping by customers, rationing by supermarkets. Now an Edeka supermarket has taken it one step further.

Anja Müller, market operator of an Edeka branch in Trendelburg, North Hesse, completely removes cooking oil from the range. In his shop, he placed a note on the empty shelf, which a customer then posted on Facebook.

In the statement, the market operator explains that he wants to distance himself from “these prices”. Until the branch can buy cooking oil again at “reasonable prices”, customers should fall back on alternatives. Refers to various drips in cooling.

Anja Müller told RTL she didn’t expect it would “roll such a ball”. According to their own statements, their clients understand and appreciate the boycott.

Edeka’s market leader cannot reconcile the price of oil with a conscience

He also noted that oil is now being sold on eBay. He wanted to “do daily business – no black market”:

“I just want to do my daily business here – no black market. I can’t reconcile it with my conscience.”

But Anja Müller also wants to protect her employees with the boycott campaign. Although many customers understood, there were always people who approached the employees of the branch. For example, they are said to have been accused of getting rich due to high prices or to get the oil yourself at a lower price. According to Müller, this is not true, the profit margin on the sale of the oil has generally not increased.

Other supermarkets and discounters are also reacting to bottlenecks and rationing products, for example. In an Edeka branch in Braunschweig, for example, cooking oil now appears to be in lockable display cases. These are usually for very expensive bottles of alcohol, which cost a lot more than regular cooking oil.


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