Sunflower oil from Germany in Sweden on offer: angry customers – “Werden vera …”

While sunflower oil is scarce in this country, it is also available in Sweden. And then the oil also comes from Germany. Many consumers are outraged.

Munich – If you cook a lot and especially fry, you naturally need oil. Sunflower oil is especially popular for this purpose, as it is usually particularly inexpensive. But since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, this cooking oil has turned into liquid gold. Because Ukraine is one of the largest suppliers of sunflower oil. Due to the war, however, this year’s harvest is likely to be manageable. These reports led to rising prices and panicked purchases in German supermarkets, until the shelves were empty.

Sunflower oil: other countries do not face shortages

It is now almost a miracle when you discover a bottle of the coveted oil at the supermarket. However, if you’re that lucky, a look at the price tag should quickly spoil your joy. Due to the scarcity, the price has also increased significantly. The strange thing: only Germany seems to have this problem. In countries like the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Croatia, Denmark and many others, however, there is no oil shortage in sight.

But the most absurd network finds several Twitter users shared. Sunflower oil was on sale at the Swedish department store Öob last week. So far, so good. But according to the label, the corresponding oil of the “Brölio” brand comes from Germany. And indeed, the manufacturing company called “Brökelmann + Co – Oelmühle GmbH + Co” comes from Hamm, near Dortmund.

Sunflower oil scandal? “Are you kidding yourself”

Now the emotion is great. Many users are wondering why there is so much German sunflower oil for sale in Sweden while the shelves are empty here. A Twitter user has a very simple explanation for this: “They probably don’t run like crazy and buy everything empty like we do.”

Another user put it even more drastically: “We have been deceived”. But there is also a quick headwind for this claim. “We weren’t fooled, you are fooling yourself. For me, a liter of sunflower oil is enough for a year. I bought a few last time in October last year, so I’m not thinking of buying some back. a liter until October. Anything else is stupid and selfish behavior, “complains one user of hamster buyers. (ph)

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