Subscription Traps: Amazon supplies 160 gallons of almond milk, over and over

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When Amazon supplies 160 liters of almond milk, again and again

WELT author Tobias Kaiser is annoyed by consumer-hostile subscription offers from many online retailers WELT author Tobias Kaiser is annoyed by consumer-hostile subscription offers from many online retailers

WELT author Tobias Kaiser is annoyed by consumer-hostile subscription offers from many online retailers

Source: Jens Büttner / picture alliance / dpa central image; Claudio Plow

If you order muesli, diapers or milk online, you need to be careful. He has signed up for a so-called savings subscription in no time and receives the same goods over and over again. My mother-in-law has now experienced the absurd consequences this can have.

M.a mother-in-law Alexandra is almost 80 years old and surfs the internet a lot. I think it’s great, at least until recently. The courier has just stopped in front of her door: with a euro pallet and 160 one-liter packs of almond milk.

Obviously he had made a mistake when ordering. He wanted to avoid teasing in the WhatsApp family group. So at first he didn’t say anything, he stacked the quads in his pantry and started distributing them around the neighborhood.

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When the courier rang the bell again shortly thereafter to deliver another 160 boxes, Alexandra panicked. At breakfast with her grandchildren, she brought ten cartons of almond milk. And she condemns her: “My Amazon account has been hacked”.

A month later, a message appeared on my smartphone. “I have 160 in a pile again. But I intercepted him at the front door and didn’t accept him. I am completely lost! ”

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I advised her to call Amazon. The customer advisor knew what to do: Alexandra had not only ordered 20 packs of eight instead of 20 containers of almond milk, but she had also signed up for a subscription for this quantity.

No wonder: When ordering muesli, diapers or lipsticks, continuous delivery is preselected on Amazon and is referred to as a saver subscription, even if customers save nothing. Experts call these “dark models” tricks, which are meant to trick users into making a decision.

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This week the EU launched the Digital Services Act which bans this scam. The ban could come into effect as early as autumn 2023. A defeat for Amazon, Ryanair and company, a triumph for my mother-in-law.

Now she’s even angrier about Amazon: She’s ordering unusually large quantities of almond milk, the mail order company just wrote to her. You are therefore suspected of conducting a brisk trade with the product.

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