Study: Which mandatory health insurance companies are the best in terms of costs, additional benefits and services?

Significant cost differences
The best compulsory health insurance

Those who have statutory health insurance often remain loyal to their insurance company for decades. Costs, additional services and service differ significantly in some cases. This is evidenced by an ongoing study of 21 mandatory health insurance companies.

Benefits, conditions and service: Legal health insurance companies perform well overall in a study by the German Institute for Quality of Service on behalf of ntv. 19 out of 21 suppliers got a “good” score, two got a “very good” quality score. Extended services are often compelling: Many health insurance companies shine with extensive additional services that go beyond the legal framework, particularly in health promotion and preventative care.

Don’t neglect the cost aspect

In addition to the general contribution rate of 14.6 percent, all the health insurance companies examined charge an additional contribution. At the time of testing, this ranged from 0.69% to 1.70%. What appear to be minor differences can add up to a hefty sum.

An example: with a gross monthly salary of € 3,500, you can save as much as € 212 per year if policyholders switch from the most expensive to the cheapest health insurance company. Also interesting: all tested health insurance companies offer at least one bonus program, which, in addition to health services, sometimes also offers cash bonuses, in one case maximum up to 325 euros per year. Optional fees can also lead to cost reductions in individual cases, for example through the reimbursement of contributions.

Improved service


In addition to the general contribution rate of 14.6 percent, all the health insurance companies examined charge an additional contribution.

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Health insurance companies convince with friendly and mostly fair information on hotlines and email inquiries. However, the individual needs of stakeholders are often not sufficiently taken into account. Another shortcoming: the (too) long waiting and processing times.

Overall, the online service is good and a policyholder app is part of the offer of all health insurance companies. Markus Hamer, managing director of the German Institute for Quality of Services, advises: “Anyone considering switching health insurance companies should keep an eye on their preferences and needs when it comes to the different additional services provided by the insurance companies. Ultimately, however, the overall package of services, costs and service is convincing. ”

Ranking of the best health insurance companies

To die Via active health insurance the test winner with the “very good” quality rating emerges from the study. Health insurance offers by far the most comprehensive (additional) services, for example in the areas of osteopathy and dental care. Health insurance is of particular interest to singles and childless couples in terms of benefits and conditions. Among other things, the individual and comprehensive processing of e-mail as well as the online service with a website that includes a lot of content relevant to the topic and contact information are convincing when it comes to services.

Second place goes to SBK-Siemens corporate health insurance fund (quality rating: “very good”), offering the best service ever. Emails are answered very quickly, in a friendly manner and as requested. There are only short waiting times on the phone in the test, and interested parties receive understandable and always correct information. In addition, SBK offers very comprehensive services in the pension sector and relatively good conditions.

Positioned in third place is the AOK Saxony-Anhalt with the “good” quality rating. The regional health insurance company offers the second best overall conditions with a low additional contribution of 0.80 percent. On the phone, consultants score with relatively quick call acceptance and mostly comprehensive information – the website offers a lot of specific information on the topic.

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(This article was first published on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.)

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