Struggle for Jobs: Daimler Truck Shares Weak: Daimler Truck Wants to Transfer Part of Its Bus Production Abroad | news

The locations of the Evobus branch in Mannheim and Neu-Ulm are generally not in question, a spokesperson said Wednesday. “We are the only bus manufacturer producing in Germany. And it is our stated aim that it will remain so in the future.” The works council should now seek socially acceptable solutions for employees.

IG Metall Mannheim announced that around 1,000 employees would be interested. The headquarters with a total of 8,500 employees is one of the largest employers in the city. In Neu-Ulm, some 500 more jobs are on the brink, the statement said.

Regardless of the corona pandemic, cost pressure is increasing and competition is intensifying, said Daimler Truck AG. The spokesperson explained that the annual costs are expected to be reduced by 100 million euros from the production network in Germany by 2030. Therefore, fewer vehicles should be produced here and the shell construction should be transferred from Mannheim to the Czech Republic. ” continue to produce buses in Germany and stand alongside our sites in Mannheim and Neu-Ulm, “he explained. They should remain “centers of competence for city buses”.

“The body shop is the heart of Evobus in Mannheim. We will not allow it to be completely relocated overseas,” said IG Metall Mannheim’s first authorized representative and managing director, Thomas Hahl. “We will not accept it without a fight, now we will enter into a tough fight”.

Industry expert Ferdinand Dudenhffer told the Mannheimer Morgen (Thursday) that the Mannheim site had the opportunity to stand out with new initiatives. It is already a center of excellence for electromobility. So you have “a big pound in hand, aside from the classic production”.

In Thursday’s trading on XETRA, Daimler Truck shares finally fell 1.66% to EUR 24.91.

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