Streamer Tests Twitch’s “New Policies” – Gets his fifth ban immediately

ItsPinkie streamer has been banned from Twitch for trying the “new guidelines”. He has hosted bikini streams and actually planned to do it all week. Twitch must have foiled his plans.

Who is the streamer?

  • Despite its 48,900 followers and Twitch partner status, ItsPinkie is one of the smaller streamers. Because you watch about 60 people on average.
  • He mainly smokes weed in his streams and shows people how to roll the perfect joint. Her YouTube channel also often talks about joints and drugs.
  • The streamer is often relatively revealing and occasionally even dances on a pole dance pole.
  • Now, on May 4, she shared on Twitter that she was banned after trying the “new policies” on Twitch.

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ItsPinkie received his fifth ban

Why was the streamer banned? He wrote Twitter:

Lol, I was planning to stream in a bikini for the rest of the week to see if Twitch’s new policy would lead to me getting banned. As it turned out, it was! I was banned for 3 days.

It’s Pinkie

What “new guidelines” was the streamer talking about? That’s the question, because Twitch doesn’t have any new policies on freedom of movement in streams. The rule still applies: bikinis and swimwear are fine on the beach and near pools, but not in the apartment.

The platform even introduced a corresponding category for it, which has been criticized multiple times by some streamers: “Pools, Jacuzzis and Beaches”.

However, the bikini seems to have been a little too tight, because one user commented under her tweet: “(…) I was worried that your bikini was showing too much (…).” Whether or not the streamer is in his 1 room flat stood and not at the pool or beach, we can’t tell at this point.

So it is suspected that she was banned for sexual content and nudity.

Why did the streamer get more bans? ItsPinkie caused the biggest stir with the farts from her genital area. She proudly showed in a stream how she could control it and held the mic very close. Here you can see a clip of it, but some of you may not like it:

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When the clip went viral, Twitch banned the streamer.

Otherwise, it often happened that ItsPinkie was too revealing and was banned because of his outfits. Most of the time, the bans only lasted a few hours or days before she was allowed to stream again. And again, it can come back live after 3 days.

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