Still pouring rain in Imola!


Who has the most pressure?

Verstappen has to catch up in the World Cup, but Leclerc is hoping for a home win for Ferrari. Who has the most pressure? “Most of the pressure is on Charles,” believes Nico Rosberg. To “Sky” he explains that Verstappen “has nothing to lose” today.

But let’s see if the race will decide between the two. Due to the rain we may even experience one or the other surprise!


weather forecast

It currently appears that the rain will clear the track within the next half hour. But: more showers could follow. It could also rain in the second part of the race.

A dry run seems very unlikely at the moment. Thanks to meteorologist Steffen Dietz for this information!


Live broadcast

As promised, we just want to submit the start time for today’s live stream. Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll will meet again this time at 10pm.

Today, however, the two will have to improvise a bit, because then our editor-in-chief will already be on the way home. Be excited!


Can you get started?

The rain isn’t really ending right now. “Right now it’s probably a little too wet to drive,” reflects Norris. But there are still more than 1 and a half hours left before the start, so the track can obviously dry out a bit before then.

Incidentally, it would be the first wet race from Istanbul more than six months ago.


Rain as a chance for Mercedes?

“It won’t be easier in these conditions,” smiles Russell. However, there will obviously be “more opportunities” to move forward. Hamilton adds that yesterday was “bad”.

“But I like days like this,” says the record champion aggressively. The goal today is simply to do a little “forward”. And the rain could really play in his hands.


weather update

We are less than two hours away from the start of the race and we will get back to you here in the ticker to get into our preliminary reports right away. Let’s start with time – and the sun is gone!

In Imola it rained a lot again. At the moment it doesn’t seem like a dry race. We will of course keep you updated.


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By the way: according to Pirelli, on paper, a stop today is the fastest. The medium-hard variant is suggested, the soft-hard should be a little slower. Two stops are unlikely under normal circumstances.

But: of course, all of this only applies if there is no rain or a safety car. And neither is unlikely today. In the smaller classes, Bernd Mayländer has already been in action several times.

And this would cancel the planned strategy anyway.

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