Starting tomorrow, Aldi will be selling a product that plugs your WiFi holes

From Thursday, Aldi Süd will have a product that, at best, will finally provide WiFi throughout the home. The Powerline adapter from the manufacturer Devolo is available in a double pack for EUR 59.99.

Aldi Süd sells Devolo powerline Wi-Fi adapters

If WiFi in your own four walls could be better, then an offer from Aldi Süd is worth checking out. From Thursday 30 June 2022, the discounter will offer the powerline WiFi adapter “Devolo Magic 1 WiFi Mini” On. This allows slow networks to resume functioning.

To the offer of Aldi Süd

Unlike other WiFi repeaters which interfere with ceilings and walls, connect the two adapters to the existing power supply. While one device is connected directly to the router via cable, the second can be plugged into any outlet in the house. Customers can then choose to use the second adapter as a WLAN or LAN repeater.

Due to the low price of the “Devolo Magic 1 WiFi Mini”, however, miracles cannot be expected from the double pack adapter. The devices only transmit in the 2.4 GHz range and create a maximum transmission rate of 1,200 megabits per second over the power line. In some cases, however, this should already be enough to ensure a faster internet connection.

With these tips you can get even faster WiFi:

Devolo Magic 1 WiFi Mini with 10 euros discount

Customers normally have to pay 69.99 euros for the powerline WLAN adapter. So the offer from Aldi Süd offers one Discount of exactly 10 euros.

If you want even more power, it’s worth a look Starter Kit “Devolo Magic 2”which already supports the new Wi-Fi 6 standard. At the current price of 189.99 euros (see on Amazon) we can no longer speak of a bargain.

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