St. Pauli played the victory against Nuremberg very late

They defied all resistance and had a giant step in mind. But the football god has turned his back on FC St. Pauli. The red and white, seriously weakened, led 1-0 against 1. FC Nürnberg until injury time but suffered an incredibly bitter draw. A last minute knockout, possibly also for a possible promotion. “It looks like a defeat”, admitted Leart Paqarada, the conclusion of Timo Schultz was: “I lost 1-1 today”.

It was deafeningly loud at the sold out Millerntor – and after less than 180 seconds it was almost completely silent. A terrible loss of the ball by Afeez Aremu gave Schleimer possession, but Jakov Medic was able to prevent a cross pass from Köpke (3 ‘). The St. Pauli counterattacks immediately, enters the penalty area, where Christopher Buchtmann is barely blocked. Now Nuremberg in return, Schlemer concluded, Medic has set foot on it again.

St. Pauli lost the lead against Nuremberg

A clear start, then, things have calmed down. Especially since the hosts have taken more and more control of the game. The St. Pauli looked confident of the ball, confident and warm-blooded, but measured, and was close to advantage. First Max Dittgen misses from 20 meters (13 ‘), but shortly after brings a razor-sharp cross in front of the club’s goal, where Lukas Daschner rushes but does not hit the ball well (18’).

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Later the Kiezkickers also dominated, conceding nothing but a Tempelmann shot (40th), but only getting long shots (Finn Ole Becker, 28th; Leart Paqarada, 37th). The team of referees around Bastian Dankert from Rostock caused much more excitement. He allowed the fouls against Hamburger to happen without consequence but showed Aremu a yellow card the first time he broke the rules and from then on he had the unfortunate Nigerian on his side so that Timo Schultz had to replace him with Rico Benatelli before the break.

Buchmann fails in Mathenia

The first dangerous scene after the change takes place in front of the home side’s goal, but Medic is still there, this time in front of Dovedan (51 ‘). It becomes much more dangerous on the other side, but once again there are a few centimeters to the desired goal: Becker’s shot hits the inside post (57 ‘), Christopher Buchtmann’s cracker will defuse goalkeeper Mathenia (71’).

But then referee Dankert St. Pauli rushed to help, and after Sörensen’s challenge against Luca Zander, he awarded a penalty, which Kyereh converted (74 ‘). Huge cheers, fans added a few more decibels – it didn’t help. In recovery time, Duman hit the near corner and the party ended abruptly. “It is very difficult to find the words,” stammered Luca Zander. “The late draw was an absolute low blow.”

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