Specialized announces the new brand

Specialized launches a new brand: Globe. The US e-bike manufacturer, best known for its lightweight e-mountain bikes, intends to add the new brand to its range this year. Specialized wants to promote the worldwide adaptation of e-bikes in urban areas. Globe should be the manufacturer’s initial spark.

Pre-order late 2022 and delivery early 2023

Specialized hasn’t revealed anything specific about its Brand Globe yet. However, the manufacturer shows on the published pictures that at least one e-bike of its new brand is equipped with a Nabenmotore It is provided. Plus, the electric cargo bike shines hydraulic disc brakes to be disposed of. Specialized promises Globe e-bikes should still be affordable.

“We are part of the last generation that can make a difference in the fight against climate change,” Saul Leiken, Global Category Leader for Globe, said in an interview with The Verge magazine. “Electricity has revolutionized the possibilities of transportation. To offer the bicycle as the most ecological solution for everyday travel, Specialized is expanding its offer with an eye to how and why we ride ”. The first Globe e-bikes are expected to be available for pre-order starting in late 2022 and delivery will begin in early 2023.

More details will likely follow soon

The Globe e-bike series should be designed for everyone and replace “annoying” car trips such as going to work or shopping. Incidentally, Specialized, the third largest bicycle manufacturer in the United States in terms of market share, already held the Globe brand in the 1990s. At the time, they were trendy urban bicycles. In the coming weeks and months, Specialized is expected to reveal more details on the Globe e-bikes.

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