Solutions for the green climate: Viessmann invests one billion in heat pumps |

It heats without polluting the climate. Heat pumps should make this possible. Northern Hessian heating engineer Viessmann is investing large sums to further develop this technology.

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Viessmann invests in heat pumps


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The manufacturer of heating and air conditioning technologies Viessmann from Allendorf an der Eder (Waldeck-Frankenberg) speaks of a “historic investment” in the construction of heat pumps. In total, the family business intends to invest one billion euros in research and development and in expanding the production capacity of heat pumps over the next three years.

Heat pumps are an essential element in reducing CO2 emissions in buildings and becoming less dependent on fossil fuels – natural gas, oil or coal – for heating. “We all need more speed and pragmatism to combat climate change and to rethink energy generation and use in the future,” explained CEO Max Viessmann.

According to Viessmann, Europe’s geopolitical independence should also be strengthened. In view of the war in Ukraine, efforts are being made across Europe to become independent of Russian gas.

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This is how a heat pump works

A heat pump extracts heat from the environment and transfers it to the home in the form of thermal energy ab. Works with a special coolant. This develops heat in the sucked-in air due to thermal energy. The process requires little electricity. If electricity from renewable sources is used, the model runs on CO2 neutral.

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Viessmann with record sales

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Viessman relies on green climate solutions

Viessmann factory in Allendorf

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Despite the negative consequences of the corona pandemic and challenges in global supply chains, Viessmann says he was able to grow strongly once again in another year of crisis. The demand for green climate solutions was therefore high.

In the last fiscal year, the heat pump business grew 41% faster than total sales (up 21%). The company, which employs around 13,000 people worldwide, has achieved a record € 3.4 billion.

Viessmann did not provide any information on the profit. In addition to heating and air conditioning systems, the company also offers services related to renewable energy solutions.

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