Smart feeder for pets at a bargain price

With Medion’s automatic feeder, your pets are always well looked after. It doesn’t matter if you are in a meeting in your home office or on the go. Feeding times can be easily set so that no meals need to be skipped. Thanks to the programmable number of servings, there is practically no risk of overfeeding.

The machine is controlled at the touch of a button or app and voice. So you can reward your four-legged friend with an extra serving of dry food when you’re out and about. In the app you can not only make settings, but also check in real time if your furry friend is okay. The power supply has a built-in camera. Especially in the beginning, the car may still be a little unfamiliar to your pet. With the possibility of voice transmission, however, you can introduce your food to your four-legged friend.

According to the manufacturer, the intelligent automatic feeder is suitable for small and medium-sized cats and dogs. The food storage container has a volume of 3.7 liters. An LED level indicator tells you when dry food needs to be refilled.

That’s why the intelligent automatic feeder is worth buying

Medion’s automatic feeder ensures your pet never misses a meal, even if it takes longer to get home. We are also impressed with the built-in camera and 2-way audio function with real-time voice transmission. So you can always check that everything is fine.

Today, the price is also right: Aldi offers the intelligent automatic feeder for only a short time at a record price. For around 65 euros, the device is very good value for money! Also, the automatic feeder is currently not cheaper in any other store.

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