Skeptical of startups and Tesla without FSD>

Once again, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who avoids contact with the official media, gave a one-hour interview to some of his fans. After the first part, the second part was also released this week, followed by a third. However, the other followers are also progressively getting bored because these meetings tend to become audiences in which the Tesla boss, not for the first time, tells in detail and without asking questions what he wants. The latest poll also included a lot of old stuff. But Musk has been remarkably skeptical of other early-stage electric car companies and Tesla’s market value if autonomous driving can’t be addressed.

Lucid and Rivian at risk, according to Musk

Musk’s word of warning about other electric car startups was specific to Rivian and Lucid, who recently launched their R1T pickup and Air sedan respectively, and are currently losing out on every car sold. It was no different in Tesla early on, which lasted for several years. But looking at his even younger competitors, Musk has now warned that unless something significantly changes there, they would fail. “Your path leads to bankruptcy,” the Tesla boss said.

For the Electrek blog, it’s technically correct, but in a way it’s still unfair. In fact, neither Rivian nor Lucid are currently making any money, which they will eventually have to change, but that’s part of the plan at this stage of their development. Like Tesla before, startups would have the opportunity to cut costs as production ramps up before their reserves are depleted. Summoning an impending doom here is therefore the wrong tone. After all, Tesla itself was predicted to go bankrupt for years, which greatly annoyed Musk, Electrek writes.

However, the Tesla boss hasn’t denied Rivian and Lucid any chance of getting out of the red. Musk qualified his failure prognosis only if they couldn’t change course, which he demonstrated with his hand dropping like an airplane onto the desk in front of him (see photo above). However, he hopes the two companies will do something about it in good time. Otherwise, as in history, every automaker in the United States except Ford and Tesla would go bankrupt, the CEO said, recalling that the pioneer of the assembly line and his own company are rare exceptions in this regard.

Tesla’s value will be based on the FSD solution

But in the interview he also warned about Tesla, at least as far as the value of the stock market is concerned. The company is largely focused on “resolving complete autonomous driving,” he explained. This term is roughly synonymous with autonomous driving, but in Tesla it is abbreviated to FSD, but it also represents both the current beta software for the Autopilot system and its computer and the option you need to purchase to use all the functions to be in. degree. Fully autonomous driving is key, Musk added after thinking about it for a moment. Ultimately, it makes the difference between a high Tesla value and practically nothing.

It should have been referring to market capitalization and was also heard by Musk, but not in this drastic form: compared to robotaxis and FSD everything else fades, he explained in a conference call on corporate data at the end of 2021. An analyst refused to provide information on how Tesla intends to drastically increase production of electric cars by 2024. However, he did not say that Tesla is of no value without an FSD solution – although the “practical” or “substantially” in its current statement could obviously be meant also in relation to the enormous value that Musk brings through autonomy – the software sees emerge.

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