Skarper turns a bike into an e-bike with one click

There are already numerous retrofit solutions to transform a classic bicycle into an e-bike. With Skarper, a new e-bike drive system for retrofitting is now coming to the market. According to his own statements, he wants to revolutionize none other than the world of e-bikes.

Skarper, from the homonymous London start-up, is an innovative and innovative solution to convert a conventional bicycle into an e-bike. To do this, the motor is simply attached to the rear wheel for “clipping”, which according to the manufacturer works with a “click”. With the unique patent protected disc brake drive system, the power is then transferred to the brake disc on the rear wheel.

Before you can use the motor, the manufacturer’s DiskDrive must be mounted on the rear wheel. The engine then uses this for propulsion. According to the manufacturer, the unit develops torque of up to 50 Nm from 250 watts of power. The maximum speed is 32 km / h, although it can be limited to 25 km / h depending on the legal situation.

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Thanks to a series of sensors and control algorithms, the engine reacts intelligently to the terrain and provides tailor-made support. There are three modes to choose from: Eco, Standard and Turbo. Both mode selection and other information such as battery level and Bluetooth connectivity can be viewed and adjusted via smart buttons and lights on the device.

Skarper offers a motor and a clip-on battery

The battery is also integrated into Skarper’s easily attachable and removable drive unit. According to the manufacturer, with a capacity of 202 Wh, a range of up to 60 km should be possible. Of course, this should strongly depend on the weight of the bike and rider and other factors. The recharge time is 2.5 hours, with an autonomy of about 15-20 km in the “tank” after only 30 minutes. The weight of the Skarper disc brake drive system is 3kg plus 300g for the DiskDrive disc.

The Skarper unit will hit the market in 2023. However, pre-orders should be possible soon.

The start-up Skarper was able to count on prominent supporters during the development. Among others, six-time Olympic champion and eleven-time world champion in track cycling, Sir Chris Hoy, was involved in the development of the product. “What excites me most about Skarper is that we are offering something completely new. You no longer have to choose between a bike and an e-bike, you can hook the motor whenever you want the electric support. I strongly believe that this freedom and flexibility to change the way you drive in seconds will have a significant impact on the industry. Cycling will be made accessible to a much wider audience. “

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