Shock for employees: Vitesco cuts 800 jobs in Nuremberg

– Electrification and electric mobility are a growing market in which Vitesco is the protagonist. In order to compete internationally, the company is now undertaking a “restructuring”: hundreds of employees will be laid off in Nuremberg.

The good news comes first: Vitesco Technologies sees great potential in research and development at its Nuremberg headquarters. According to a press release, this primarily refers to the development of electronic control units and hybrid and electric drive technologies. “This includes, among other things, a competence center for power modules and the necessary assembly and connection technologies for efficient and cost-effective manufacturing,” he says.

In order to ensure its long-term competitiveness and future sustainability, Vitesco Technologies has already established the necessary strategic route in August 2019 and has clearly steered the company towards electrification and electric mobility, explains press spokesman Emerenz Magerl. -Ziegler. “For Vitesco Technologies Nuremberg, as an important center of competence for research and development in the field of electric mobility, the company has now developed a future concept on this basis to make this venue competitive in the long term and also to be able to maintain production there “.

However, the company also faces international price pressure, it is said, and that has bitter consequences for the workforce. To remain competitive in the long term and achieve a stable level of sales in the years 2025 to 2030, the future concept for the Nuremberg site also includes “restructuring measures”, according to the company.

“It is planned to reduce the number of employees at the plant from the current approximately 1,160 to approximately 350 by the end of 2026. This will primarily affect employees in product lines with high staffing requirements who need to be competitive in an international comparison.” states the press release. Apparently around 800 people will lose their jobs as a result.

Possibility of further qualification

According to Emerenz Magerl-Ziegler, the planned measures will extend over a four-year period to give affected employees the opportunity to prepare for change, obtain additional or retraining. Vitesco Technologies is aware of its responsibilities and is actively working on internal mediation, the development of new concepts and the creation of alternative jobs together with partner companies, “as has already been done in other locations”.

The general works council condemned the procedure. Nuremberg is the only German Vitesco-Werk, which is not threatened with closure due to technology phasing out scenarios, said president Torsten Buske. “As bitter as it is, unfortunately it looks a lot like Vitesco Technologies on the run from Germany. You will look in vain for commitments with Germany as an industrial site ”.

Approximately 37,000 employees worldwide

Since 2021, the Nuremberg site has formed a network of plants, a so-called cluster, with the headquarters in Limbach-Oberfrohna. In Nuremberg the focus is on electronics, in Limbach-Oberfrohna on mechanics. “Through increased exchange and more intense cooperation, they form a powerful mechatronics cluster,” he says. To remain competitive in the long term, the company intends to phase out individual products (e.g. transmission controls) and subsequently introduce a new product portfolio with a higher degree of automation and optimized fixed costs. Vitescoa former Continental subsidiary with approximately 37,000 employees worldwide.

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