Sharp rise in prices for the popular e-car

Renault is raising prices for its Zoe electric car – buyers of the popular Stromer will be able to shell out over 11% in the future. And there is another problem.

For a long time, the Renault Zoe was the best-selling electric car in Germany – no wonder that, together with the Nissan Leaf, it was one of the first affordable electric vehicles to be mass-produced and also offered a good value for money. Nearly 25,000 new Zoes were registered last year. For comparison: the VW E-Up had around 31,000 new registrations, the Tesla Model 3 around 35,000.

The first bad news came in March: the Zoe cannot currently be ordered in Germany due to lack of chips. And now the second, which shouldn’t please potential customers: the Zoe will be 11% more expensive. For 36,840 euros before deducting the environmental bonus instead of the previous 33,140 euros, the electric car is now only available with the large 52 kWh battery. Renault had already removed the cheapest entry-level model with a € 29,990 41 kWh battery. This raises the price for the same battery performance by 3,700 euros and the price for the cheapest model available up to 6,850 euros.

The 80 kW drive is standard, the 100 kW version costs 1,000 euros more. The basic equipment includes, among other things, a navigation system, a lane departure warning system and a rear parking beep, writes the specialized portal “Electrive”. There is also additional equipment for an additional fee, including a larger infotainment screen and parking beeps at the front.

Megane E-Tech available to order again, Zoe no

Once again: The new Megane E-Tech E-SUV was also briefly hit by the order block. (Which: Renault)

Is the price increase also a sign that the Zoe will soon be available for order again? The new Megane E-Tech E-SUV can now be reconfigured after an order freeze also announced in March, but the Zoe is not yet. “Auto, Motor und Sport” has already speculated that the price increase did not come for purely formal reasons and that the Zoe may soon be available again. It is still open if the restart arrives in time before the environmental bonus expires at the end of the year and if all owners receive their new Zoe with a subsidy of € 9,570.

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