Schweppes bottling: Krombacher takes over the Edeka beverage company

In Germany, the Krombacher group sells the Schweppes brand, but mainly has the drink bottled by third parties. This is about to change now, with the acquisition of a soft drink competitor that produces primarily for Edeka.

The Krombacher brewery wants to grow significantly and takes over the Heil- und Mineralquellen Germete beverage company in August. This was confirmed by a spokesperson for Krombacher on t-online. Consequently, on Tuesday afternoon the 130 Germete employees will be informed of the future employer in a business meeting.

With the acquisition, Krombacher wants to “significantly increase” its filling capabilities, the spokesperson said. So far, Germete has produced the similar sounding water mark “Germeta”. In addition, Germete bottles the water brands “Warburger Waldquell” and “Antonius Quelle” – products offered by Edeka. In addition, Germete also produces lemonades. The bottling contracts are expected to continue for now, according to the spokesperson.

Above all, Krombacher promises that Schweppes products will be bottled at the new headquarters in Warburg, North Rhine-Westphalia. You should know that Krombacher has held the rights to sell Schweppes and Orangina on the German market since 2006. Non-alcoholic products now account for nearly 40 percent of Krombacher’s sales, the spokesperson said – “and continue to grow every year”.

Krombacher wants to keep growing

Krombacher is currently still working with external bottling partners, so he is not yet involved in the production of Schweppes and Orangina, which should change with the purchase of Germete. The company hopes this will allow it to continue growing and be less dependent on third parties.

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