Schalke 04: decision announced live on tv – Büskens remains on the Schalke bench! – Bundesliga

Schalke in the fever of promotion!

The morning after the 3-2 win over St. Pauli, which secured his return to the Bundesliga, sporting director Peter Knäbel (55) was on the BILD television program “Lage der Liga XXL” after a long night of celebration.

In a conversation with moderators Carli Underberg and Valentina Maceri, the Schalke boss also spoke about promotion manager Mike Büskens (54) – and revealed the manager’s future!

Knäbel: “Mike has done an incredible job. He is the face of this great season finale. But this journey didn’t just start with the change of manager. We decided to follow the Schalke path, which includes Gerald Asamoah and of course they will remain in these roles. Buyo will sit on the bench, but in a different role, which has been talked about for some time. ”

Schalke legend Huub Stevens (68) was also present at Knäbel’s speech. The Dutchman coached the legendary Eurofighter team that won the UEFA Cup in 1997 and celebrated his 25th anniversary at the St. Pauli match.

Stevens on Büskens: “Mike is part of it, he must also protect the culture of the club. He does it, no matter in what position. That’s why it is not so important that he is the manager or the assistant on the bench.”

Frankfurt sporting director Markus Krösche (41) was also a guest. The Eintracht coach talked about his team’s incredible Europa League season, which will play the final on 18 May in Seville against the conquerors of Leipzig Glasgow.

Krösche: “Glasgow are a great team. We all wanted a German final, but Rangers are tough opponents. It will be a great mood and we need to be well prepared ”.

Markus Krösche (center) up

Markus Krösche (center) on “Lage XXL”Photo: BILD

Krösche has a clear opinion on his goalkeeper hero Kevin Trapp (31). He also looks better than Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer (36)!

The Frankfurt coach: “He is an incredibly important player for us who is playing an exceptional season again this year. However he is untouchable on the pitch. For me he is currently the best German goalkeeper”.

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