SAP software group: Friday without conferences

Status: 05/05/2022 10:44

At Europe’s largest software company SAP, employees should have more time to “take a deep breath” on Fridays. Business meetings, video conferences or telephone calls before the weekend are no longer desirable.

The SAP software company wants to give their employees more time at the end of the work week and no longer hold conferences on Fridays. On this day, meetings and phone and video exchanges should be avoided as much as possible, human resources manager Cawa Younosi wrote in an internal statement.

The so-called “Focus Friday” should allow for substantially undisturbed working hours. Urgent tasks could be completed even before the weekend, Younosi wrote. “We go through the work week at full speed, but what falls by the wayside is the opportunity to work hard on things, learn new things or breathe deeply during the lunch break.”

Global launch expected

According to the announcement, the innovation is expected in Germany from mid-May. After a pilot phase, there will be a global launch. Younosi named the 20th calendar week, so the first official non-congressional Friday would be May 20.

SAP sees itself as the world leader in the software market for control companies. More than 100,000 people work for the Walldorf-based group around the world.

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