Samsung’s smartphone stocks are said to be overflowing

Samsung’s shares are said to be overflowing: as South Korean media TheElec reports, the manufacturer has around 50 million smartphones in stock, across the model lineup. Particularly hit is the previously hugely successful mid-range Samsung Galaxy A series.

For the classification: Samsung wants to deliver around 270 million smartphones in 2022. So 50 million corresponds to about 18.5% of the expected amount. According to TheElec, it is common for manufacturers to keep around 10% of the expected delivery volume. At Samsung, the warehouses are currently overcrowded as the demand for smartphones has decreased. In January and February, South Koreans still produced around 20 million smartphones per month.

This proved overly optimistic. In May, only about 10 million units were produced per month. At the end of 2021, Samsung even assumed it would be able to supply around 300 million smartphones this year. However, this was before Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine, which dramatically increased inflation in many countries.

It is possible that Samsung is now reducing its production volumes further and / or trying to lure buyers with even more aggressive offers.

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