Rossmann, Edeka and companions: remember! THIS snack makes you nauseous

Rossmann, Edeka and companions: remember! Snacking can cause nausea and headaches

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recalled to Rossman, Edeka echo!

A popular snack is now being withdrawn because it poses a health hazard. You can find the article on Rossman And Edeka to give back.

Rossmann, Edeka and Co: fries recall! THIS lot is contaminated

Two products of the Alnatura organic brand are concerned. According to the company, tropane alkaloids (TA) were found in a sample of paprika corn chips. As a precaution, the brand is broadening the call to include the “natural” flavor.

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These chips are called:

  • Items: plain corn chips and paprika corn chips
  • Brand: Alnatura
  • Expiry dates: August 9 and August 17, 2022

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But what exactly are tropane alkaloids? This is the name of natural plant substances, also known by the term weeds. They help plants defend themselves from predators. If these are then collected, parts of them can be included and processed into the final product. TA can temporarily cause nausea, drowsiness, or headaches.


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Therefore, you shouldn’t eat either the “paprika” or the “natural” variety of the aforementioned batch of corn chips. They have already been taken off the shelves of supermarkets and drugstores, as reported by “”. You can also return affected products there. (mbo)

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