Rewe: The customer wants to leave the branch, then the big shock follows

Rewe: The customer wants to leave the branch, what he then experiences deeply upsets him

Rewe: The success story of the supermarket chain

Rewe: The success story of the supermarket chain

The Rewe Group, headquartered in Cologne, is one of the largest retail groups in Germany. It doesn’t just include the Rewe supermarket chain. This also includes Penny, Toom, Billa in Austria, DER Touristik Germany and Lekkerland.

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your purchase rewe this customer probably imagined something different. And it’s not at all alone with the problem of him.

Many customers from rewe or other supermarkets have been complaining about this problem for a long time. The good news first: in most cases there is an elegant solution. But one by one.

Rewe: noise about parking for customers

In fact, he just wanted to quickly buy a few small things at the supermarket, the customer reports on Rewe’s Facebook page. So he parked his car in the parking lot in front of the branch and went to the market.

“And I forgot to put the parking disc on the dashboard. I’m really sorry,” writes customer Rewe in a slightly sarcastic tone. The fact that he had forgotten the parking disc would have been his bane. Because he took a ticket.

“I found out from the note that I had to pay 15 euros for my unforgivable behavior”, he says: “So there is 15 euros in addition to the currently too expensive expense.”

Companies like Rewe hire private companies to look for so-called long-term valet parking lots. In the past, these long-term valets had often blocked customer parking spaces for many hours and thus secured free parking spaces.


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Rewe says so

It can be unfortunate for customers like these if they actually use parking spaces legally but forget to turn off the parking disc. In most cases, however, customers can expect to avoid being fined. When asked by our editors, Rewe explained: “With an accommodating cancellation policy, the fair parken welcomes customers who have forgotten to insert the parking disc correctly. If the interested driver can prove he was shopping at the time relevant, there are clear rules of goodwill.For example, a purchase receipt is valid as proof.

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