Rewe: The customer can’t look away – a strange scene at the self-service counter

Rewe: The customer can’t look away: a strange scene is taking place at the self-service counter

Rewe: The success story of the supermarket chain

Rewe: The success story of the supermarket chain

The Rewe Group, headquartered in Cologne, is one of the largest retail groups in Germany. It doesn’t just include the Rewe supermarket chain. This also includes Penny, Toom, Billa in Austria, DER Touristik Germany and Lekkerland.

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Some customers a rewe They are different!

A man is amazed in front of a self-service station rewe stopped. The sight that presented itself to him was too strange.

Rewe: The customers are amazed

Who ever caught himself looking at strangers? A Rewe customer couldn’t help but be amazed when he walked through the store.

“You made it up. I refuse to believe it!” Joked a Twitter user. But he insists that’s exactly what happened. The experience, which customer Rewe talks about on Twitter, causes some laughter on the Internet.


This is rewe:

  • Rewe was founded in Cologne in 1927
  • At that time 17 purchasing cooperatives joined
  • The name comes from “Revisionsverband der Westkauf cooperative”.
  • There are approximately 3,300 Rewe branches (as of 2020), many of which now offer a delivery service


At the salad, he observed a woman who had chosen different products. “At Rewe’s, a lady just went to the self-service counter with the ready-made salads, which she should have for lunch. The pasta salad with mayonnaise obviously had too good vibes. That’s where the pendulum is now, “says the customer.

Rewe: Twitter users are joking

Shortly thereafter, the woman fished the chain from the salad.


More news on purchases:


A young woman finds the idea quite disgusting. She replied to the tweet: “I know why I’m away from meters like this.”

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