Return in summer 2023: Lufthansa will return the Airbus A380 to Munich

The German airline comments for the first time how many Airbus A380s will return. Lufthansa will use Munich’s super jumbos.

There was certainty for two days. Lufthansa is definitely bringing the Airbus A380 back. Because by the summer of 2023, otherwise there would be no large planes. The Boeing 777X with its 400 seats could have replaced the super jumbo with its 509 seats. However, after further delays, it will not be delivered until 2025.

When it announced the return, the airline did not explain how many Airbus A380s Lufthansa is putting back into service and where they are stationed. At a staff event on Wednesday (June 29), CEO Carsten Spohr lifted the veil on secrecy. The super jumbos are sent to Munich.

From Boston to Shanghai

Spohr also commented on the number. Four to five Airbus A380s would return, the manager told employees. A spokesperson for the Lufthansa Group confirmed the information to aeroTELEGRAPH. It is unclear which routes the XL aircraft will serve. Before the pandemic, they traveled from Munich to Boston, Los Angeles, Beijing, San Francisco and Shanghai, and even to Miami in the winter.

But first, Lufthansa still has some homework to do. Only 14 pilots are currently registered or underway, as it is called in jargon, on the Airbus A380. The group is therefore looking for a solution that will allow the A350 crews to be deployed on the A380 from summer 2023.

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