Research vehicle “Vision EQXX”: Mercedes drives 1202 kilometers without stopping for recharging

Research vehicle “Vision EQXX”
Mercedes drives 1202 kilometers non-stop for recharging

How far can you go with an electric car in everyday conditions? Quite a long way, as Mercedes’ “Vision EQXX” research vehicle makes clear. It traveled more than 1200 kilometers without recharging, but it wasn’t particularly fast either.

As you know, autonomy is the critical point with electric vehicles, the term “autonomy anxiety” appeared a long time ago: the fear of getting stuck with a dead battery or having to spend a lot of time at the charging station. In addition to the high price, it is this fact that makes many potential buyers reluctant to purchase an electric car. Most of the distances traveled in everyday life are much shorter and can easily be covered on a single battery charge.

The average consumption of the “Vision EQXX” was 8.3 kWh.

(Photo: Mercedes)

But car manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to optimize vehicles and charging technology and extend driving times without having to stop at the charging station. Absolutely successfully. But how far can you currently get with an electric car in everyday conditions? Far enough, it shows a research vehicle from Mercedes.

The automaker had once again sent its “Vision EQXX” on long-distance travel on public roads. This time it went from Stuttgart to Silverstone. Without recharging, the research vehicle, including a few extra laps on the track, drove exactly 1,202 kilometers in summer temperatures up to 30 degrees. The average consumption was 8.3 kWh. The pure driving time was 14.5 hours, the average speed 83 kilometers per hour.

The “Vision EQXX” has a battery of almost 100 kWh

The “Vision EQXX” is 4.98 meters long, weighs almost 1.8 tons and has a battery of nearly 100 kWh. The drag coefficient (cW) is 0.17. A complex thermal management system for the electric drive unit and the interior requires little energy.

On its first long-distance journey in April from Sindelfingen to Cassis, the EQXX traveled 1008 kilometers and had a remaining range of 140 kilometers when it arrived on the French Mediterranean coast. At that time, the average consumption was 8.7 kWh.

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