Recall from Müller: manufacturer warns of “unexpected fire events”

Due to the risk of unexpected fires, Müller initiated a recall of a Rayher wax coating. Consumers should stop using it immediately.

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Producer Rayher Hobby GmbH
Product Lining in bright gold wax
period of sale 24.02.2022 – 02.06.2022

Recall from Müller: There is a risk of fire due to the wax coating

But hobbyists should be careful now. Because drugstore Müller, who recently had the almonds recalled for life-threatening, feared they would recall Rayher’s “Wax Liner Brillant Gold” due to the risk of fire, as reported by

According to the manufacturer, the reason for the precautionary recall is incorrectly filled paint. “In certain circumstances, unexpected fires can occur when candles decorated with the bright gold wax coating are lit,” Müller said on his website.

Product recall due to fire hazard: Müller warns customers against use

Customers should immediately stop using the affected product and not light candles that have already been decorated with the wax coating. Instead, in this case, Müller offers to return the product (further recalls and warnings on RUHR24).

Due to the risk of fire, Müller is recalling a Rayher wax liner.

© Rayher Hobby GmbH

Consumers can return the affected product to any Müller store. The purchase price will be refunded even without presenting the receipt, says Müller.

Most recently, Ikea reported a recall about a safety risk with an espresso machine: Consumers were asked to return the product.

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