Recall due to increased fire risk in over 39,000 cars

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Thousands of VW and Co. cars in Germany are currently being recalled due to the risk of fire. The damage has already occurred in two cases.

Wolfsburg – A wave of recall hits Germany. This time they are Hybrid models from VW, Seat and Skoda wanted. There is a possible reason for the recall A fuse is defectiveas reported by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA).

This defect can cause a fire, it is said. Due to the defect, both VW and Seat have already suffered a “harmful event that resulted in an accident or personal injury”, reports KBA. While the first information on the recall came from VW on March 30, Seat only provided details of the process last week (April 21, 2022).

Recalled cars: VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat brands
Recalled cars: VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat brands (archive image) © Julian Stratenschulte / dpa

Recall from VW and Co. – Various models and years of construction affected

Hybrid vehicles of various series are affected by the recall. In VW and Skoda, the construction years 2019 to 2022 are affected. The affected Seat brand vehicles rolled off the production line between 2020 and 2022. An overview:

  • Models affected by VW:
  • Models interested in Seat:
  • Skoda models affected:

Skoda and Co. with recall: a total of 75,898 vehicles affected

The current recall affects 25,981 vehicles in Germany alone for the VW brand. According to KBA, 42,571 VW vehicles are affected worldwide.

Vehicles affected in number Germany Worldwide
VW 25,981 42,571
seat 4.125 10.939
Skoda 9,568 22,388
After all 39,674 75,898
Source: KBA

Due to the possible vehicle defect, there could be a voltage flashover inside the vehicle, which in turn can result in a fire, a Seat spokesperson told Focus. However, the problem can be solved with a workshop visit.

Pickup car: Interested people can contact VW and Skoda via the hotline

With the VW, Seat and Skoda models mentioned above, it may happen that a fuse blows when activated. However, the problem can be solved by installing an additional insulation mat, according to the KBA website.

  • Hotline for car owners:
  • For VW customers: 0800 8655 79 24 36
  • For Skoda customers: 0800 44 24 244
  • Source: KBA

The repair would only take 6 hours, according to the SEAT spokesperson. While Seat refers to the nearest authorized workshop, Skoda and VW have an additional hotline that customers can contact. (lm)

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