Recall campaign: US buys BioNTech vaccine for fall

Status: 30/06/2022 10:07

The U.S. government is stocking up on corona vaccine for a recall campaign in the fall. He ordered 105 million doses of the BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine. The order is worth $ 3.2 billion.

The US government has ordered an additional 105 million doses of BioNTech / Pfizer’s Corona vaccine. The order is worth $ 3.2 billion, according to the two companies and the government. Deliveries will begin in late summer and will include vaccines for adults and children. Depending on the approval of the US authorities, a vaccine adapted to the omcron variant will also be provided.

With the order, the United States is stocking up on a promotional campaign planned for the fall. In this context, the contract also provides for the option to purchase an additional 195 million doses of the vaccine. This could eventually bring the new deal’s total shipments up to 300 million doses.

The average price per vaccine dose has increased significantly

The average price per vaccine dose for this new contract is over $ 30. This is a more than 50 percent increase over the first US government contract with Pfizer. At the time, $ 19.50 per vaccine dose was agreed. The new agreement provides for the supply of part of the vaccine for adults in unit doses. This increases the cost of manufacturing but reduces the number of unused vaccine doses caused by discarding open vaccine vials.

Further development of the corona vaccine

With Covid vaccines, BioNTech is not only working together with its US partner Pfizer on a vaccine adapted to the highly contagious variant of omicron, which is already in the starting blocks for possible approval in the fall. The Mainz-based company also wants to start clinical trials of next-generation vaccinations in the second half of the year, which aim to protect against a large number of corona viruses. These include T-cell enhancer vaccines, designed primarily to protect against serious disease, and pan-coronavirus vaccines, designed to protect against the entire virus family and its mutations. The aim is “to offer permanent protection against the different variants”.

The two partners are currently discussing improved versions of their established vaccine with regulators, which should provide better protection against omicron and its sub-variants. Because so far, all studies indicate that existing vaccines are significantly less effective against the variant after just two vaccinations. Consultants from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday recommended changes for the fall that may cover currently circulating variants of the virus. By a large majority, the agency’s advisory committee voted in favor of the new generation of booster vaccinations that protect against the omicron variant. The FDA now wants to decide on the exact composition by the beginning of July.

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