Real Madrid-Manchester City: The mystery of the covered stands of Real – Football

The match for the final. Spain against England leader in battle for the Champions League final. And the most expensive seats in the stadium: all empty!

TV eye-catcher Wednesday night at the giant match between Real Madrid and Manchester City.

About half of the lower level of the legendary Bernabéu stadium is empty, but covered with a blue tarpaulin. And not only on the straight on the long side of the pitch, but also in the favorite spots of many fans: directly behind the goal.

Puzzles on the covered royal grandstands

The backdrop to the unusual tarpaulin project: Real’s football temple has been under construction since the summer of 2019. Meanwhile, Real have even moved to a smaller venue on the training pitch. The last remaining conversions until planned completion are now happening parallel to in-game operations.

And since the unfinished construction work wouldn’t give a particularly good picture on TV and it’s also quite dangerous if unprotected, it was secured with a blue tarpaulin.

The suspended straight in particular will have a lot to offer once finished: in front of it, the lawn of the playing field will be divided into several longitudinal sections and hydraulically lowered into the ground.

There it is then stored on multiple levels on top of each other and is also watered there and irradiated with bright lamps for maximum good growth, while the stadium above serves as a concert hall, exhibition hall or venue for other sports. The Bernabéu should bring in a lot more money than before.

The gigantic construction project, which club manager Florentino Perez once revealed to France Football, is expected to be completed in the summer, is estimated at € 550m.

Real then resumed the next attempt at the Champions League final still without planning and in front of the whole standings.

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